Let’s Set Up Your Propane Grill!

by barbie on December 20th, 2010

Cheaper, faster and better. This is what we want our propane grills to be, and once we are able to get a hold of a model that works, we want to make sure that we are able to take advantage of it right away.

Excited to try your propane grill? Before you start to do anything, read through the following steps first to know how you can set up your grill effectively and efficiently.

  1. Before you even turn on the heat, make sure that it meets all the safety standards. Most grills come with a manual, so it is advisable for you to read through this first before you even start to make fire. The valves should all be secure to avoid any gas or propane leakage.
  2. Once that has been confirmed, then it’s time to turn on your propane grill. This can be done by turning the knob in a counter clockwise fashion. Some grills may do it the other way though, but most knobs are labeled anyway so just read what’s on it so you can find out. The valve should be opened for the grill to run effectively.
  3. If you do not find any flame, make sure that you check all the connections. The slightest smell of propane would mean that there is a gas leakage, so remove the gas from the grill first before you start to set it up again.
  4. If the flame is now up and running, it’s now time to set your heat and temperature. You can choose to use the ‘preheat’ controls first before you actually start setting it at a higher temperature. Most homemakers would decide to preheat the propane grill for about 10-15 minutes so that the surface is hot enough for when you put your food in.
  5. Once you’re done cooking, make sure that the valve is completely closed. All the knobs should be turned off and any connections detached.  Make sure it cools down before you start to clean the surface. Once it’s spic and span, you can make sure that you’re ready for your next tasty meal!

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